April 6, 2008 – Final Cabaret

ladies and gentlemen,
the much anticipated final cabaret is upon us. This sunday will be the culmination of 7 years worth of monthly events, a regal enterprise…so lets close it out with style!
Join the HOL on sunday April 6th @ 5pm for pot luck food and drinks.
7pm sharp, the Cabaret will get under way…there are close to 14 performers for the bill and the show will go late into the night be there on time to catch the final rules song ever!
Note for Performers: If you know that you need to be out of there early, please let me know by wednesday, otherwise I’ll be creating the order based on the order with which people have signed up…aka if you talked to me in the last month, youre going on towards the end…please inform me asap if that is an issue to avoid any problems due to the overwhelming number of performers and the scope of the night.
Looking forwrd to closing out a brilliant chapter in my SF history with you! see you sunday!
olive “sweet right on” Mitra


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  1. Hey Olive, This is Kate. Avi and Cosmo’s friend. I wanted to check-in about the next Cabaret… I will be singing with Cos, and wanted to do my own little ten-minute performance. Is that cool? The piece is a little heavy- a monologue between me and my cousin in Afghanistan, but I think that people will find it interesting. . . Do you have any invitation that I could attach to an email I’m sending to my circle? Thanks for organizing. I’m excited to finally hear your band.. The reviews are good. . . Kate

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