Cabaret – January 6th, 2007

The House of Love Cabaret is going to be folding its umbrella in the month of april when we celebrate our 7th anniversary. I have found the event unmanagable as a single human with a 60+ hour per week job and an involved performing life, so I would like to take the event out with a bang. which brings me to you.

1. I would love to see your beautiful faces at least once more at the cabaret before we close up, so remember its always the first sunday of the month with a jovial introduction from your faithful host Olive. (i love you)

2. Please come and perform. I would love to see you up on the stage sharing your gifts with the community that worked hard to nurture so many in SF. There is so much talent in so many of your smallest organs, so lets get it out and share it.

3. I just think you cats are very cool.

Happy Happy to all! if you are ready to perform at any of the upcoming shows (january, feb, march, april) please drop me an email and ill make it happen.

love to you and thank you for years of support and beauty.

yours forever,


Author’s note:  Megan Keely will be performing.  If you know who else will be performing in January drop me a line.  –


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