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Everybody say Eh oh! – Cabaret Dec. 1, 2007
November 29, 2007

To my knowledge there is a House of Love Cabaret on Sunday, December 1, 2007.

It’s probably the same style as always. Show up around 8:30pm. Show starts around 8:45pm.

You’ll take off your shoes.

You’ll turn off your cell phones.

You’ll move forward to make room for more people if they come in.

You’ll put one hand in opposition with the other and move them closer to each other at a rapid pace…and repeat.

You’ll be entertained by many artists performing three pieces each.

And then you will clean up the room that Antler has so graciously let the Cabaret use for so many years.

Same good people. Same great room. Possibly new artists.

Oh, and two things.  Check out Mia and Jonah’s new video.

And check out Sapo Sueno too.  They’re from Modesto and have mad skills.